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Palm Bay Tree Service Pros is a tree care company serving the Palm Bay, FL area for over 20 years now. Our strength is the personal approach, fast service and safe methods we give to each and every client we encounter. If you have a tree problem, you have come to the right place! Palm Bay Tree Service Pros will be happy to help.

Call us today and we will come and take a look at your trees. We make an assessment of the work and the health of the tree on site, then we make clear agreements and set deadlines and goals. After which we start working in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

Our Tree Services


Trimming trees

Trimming is important for the good development of the tree. Removing sick or dead branches regularly will make sure that your tree gets enough sunlight and nutrients for it to be on its best state. Contact us today for expert tree trimming and pruning services.

Tree Removal

When a tree is too dangerous to leave because of old age or damage, it is sometimes necessary to opt to remove the tree. A tree may also have to give way to renovation or because the tree simply becomes too large. We specialize in tree removal even in the most difficult places. We have a solution for safely removing a tree for every situation.
Stump Grinding

Tree Care

As trees get older they can start to show defects such as: branch death, cavities, diseases and attacks. Often, when action is taken at an early stage, much can be prevented and “cured”. We are a recognized tree safety inspector and can examine trees and give advice and regular maintenance and tree trimming .


Storm Damage

During the storm season, a few trees always die. Repairing or cleaning up the damage is a difficult job, especially if it is a large tree. Palm Bay Tree Service Pros can expertly and quickly ‘shred’ and dispose of a fallen tree and take away the harm out of everyone’s way. Tree Maintenance

Tree Stump Removal

Home and property owners alike doesnt understand the risks of leaving a stump in their garden. A stump can be a breeding place for insects and pests and can also get the nutrients that are supposed to be for the other plants and trees in the garden. We are experts in stump removal and our stump grinders can get rid of your stump as quickly as possible. and stump removal.

Why Choose Us

We are a tree care company that strives for a healthy, safe and ecologically valuable trees. We seek a compromise between the wishes of the owner, the needs of the tree and the limitations of the environment

We are certified tree workers, tree care providers and tree technical advisors. That way you are always assured of the highest quality service.

We are constantly training ourselves in the field of climbing, trimming and removal techniques as well as other tree technical topics such as tree biology and ecology.

We work with a broad and reliable network so we can carry out all of your tree jobs quickly, safely and effectively.

We respect your property and therefore clean up after any job. We leave the place clean and dispose the branches into the proper disposal site.

Tree Services

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