About Us

Palm Bay Tree Services is a tree company that started in 2000. We provide our services for companies, individuals and municipalities around Palm Bay, FL.

The services that we can perform are very diverse, ranging from tree trimming to laying out and maintaining gardens. We can perform all these activities from the beginning to the end with professionalism and dedication in mind.

For the love of nature.

In our work we are surrounded by nature, this is the beauty of our profession, and it also makes us aware of the importance of being careful with our environment therefore we treat each project with great respect.

We work neatly, do not make a mess, minimize emissions and most importantly organize a plan that will not only benefit our clients but also the trees on their property.
The company is also only using certified, ergonomic and occupational health and technical equipment. We use cordless chainsaws, which cause less noise pollution and cause less air pollution. We select all machines for, among other things, low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Wood chips that are released during work are recycled as biomass.

Trusted Local Tree Service Company

Looking for a trusted company to trim your tree? Or you probably need to remove a tree as soon as possible because of storm damage? Palm Bay Tree Service Pros is the team to call for all these scenarios.

We are a company run by local people and therefore we are an expert on the type of soil and trees in our area. We are also just around the corner and can come to you fast. We are available to call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and our rapid response team will solve your tree problem in no time.