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Do you have a tree that simply stands in the way and you would like to have it removed? Removing a tree is a difficult job. Leave this job to a specialist who can safely and quickly remove the tree for you.

Palm Bay Tree Service Pros specializes in tree removal in Palm Bay, FL and its surrounding area. We have been removing dead, damaged or unhealthy trees for 20 years now on both residential and commercial properties.

We have undergone various cutting, felling and tree removal courses. Thanks to these training courses and years of experience, we are able to cut down your trees even in the most difficult place. We use certified equipment such as chainsaws and grinders as well as aerial platforms and cranes. Our team are all licensed and secured and is ready to take any tree removal job with passion, professionalism and safety in mind.

Tree Removal Cost

The costs of removing a tree depend on the situation. A number of things could affect the cost including:

  • Size of the tree
  • Age of the tree
  • Location of the tree
  • Your specific situation and wishes

A young tree is easier to remove than a tree that has been there for a decade. Some trees are also in difficult places. This is not a problem, but we have to be careful and this takes a little more time.

When you inquire for our tree removal service, We asked for information and a photo, based on that photo of the tree and its environment, we can give an initial estimated cost. We then make an appointment to see the tree personally so that we know what needs to be done and you also know who you are doing business with.You will then receive a customized offer without any obligation and that cost will be the cost of the tree removal job. No additional feed, no hidden cost and no surprises.

Remove trees in difficult places

Tree removal in awkward places has never been too difficult for us. Trees between two houses, overhanging trees above a barn or a greenhouse or other hard instances. We have already cleared trees in the most difficult places.

You can’t just cut a tree in a difficult environment. This therefore requires a different approach. In addition to climbing and capture techniques, we also use aerial work platforms and cranes. This of course depends on the situation. No job is too difficult for us, it’s just a challenge. If things go wrong, rest assured that we are insured and got your property covered. Fortunately, it has never gone wrong.

Can you just remove a tree

It is sometimes forbidden to remove trees without a permit even if they are on private land. Not all municipalities are equally happy to remove trees, especially if it has been on a land for years already. We recommend that you first be properly informed about the possibility of needing a permit before you decide to cut down trees.

Palm Bay Tree Service Pros knows exactly how to arrange a permit for tree removal and often gets it done fast. We make sure each job is legal and has permit so that there would be no problems along the way.

Steps in removing trees

Step one: Take a photo of the relevant tree to send when requesting a quote. It is therefore important that there is as much information about the tree in the photo. Of course you can also use the description field of the quotation form to provide important information. Based on this information, we can prepare a quote so that the price becomes clear quickly.

Step two: Planning the moment for cutting down your tree would be the next step. We will of course do this in consultation with you so that we can do it when it suits you best. At this meeting, we also discuss the final cost, the exact time and date of the job, the duration and other information needed to be agreed upon.

Step three: This is when the tree removal commence. Our experienced team will be at your place on time, equipped with our cutting-edge equipment and the knowledge to do the job in an efficient, safe and quality way. We leave nothing on the site and remove even the stump. With a large stump grinder, we can remove the remaining stump. The tree stump is milled to approximately 30 centimeters below ground level.

Step four: After the job, our cleaning and disposal activities will take place. We clean everything in the area before we leave. You decide whether the tree that has been cut will be at our disposal or if you plan to use them for your own. If you do want to keep it, we will then have to cut it into pieces and arranged it in a way that you can store it properly.

Cutting the tree yourself vs professional tree removal

There are a lot of DIY-ers in Palm Bay that may be thinking that they can cut the trees themselves to avoid the cost of hiring a tree removal company. The fact is and remains that this is a dangerous work. There are many things that can go out of plan including

  • Cutting yourself when working with an electric saw high in a tree
  • Wrong fall of three in the properties around it
  • Branches and parts of the trees falling on a person

Because of these risks, it is literally worth considering not to do it yourself. The cost of hiring an experts is nothing compared to the cost of hospital admission, property damage or other things that can go wrong.

Therefore, our advice will always be to have the trees cut down by professionals, with the right equipment and years of experience.

Ready to cut that tree?

You can request a quote from us free of charge to have your tree removed. In this way you have clarity in advance about the exact costs of removing the tree.

We know from experience that we charge very competitive prices for this work. No hidden charges and no unneeded extra fees. Fill in the form and we will send you the costs within a few hours.