Tree Trimming

Trees bloom and grow. Before you know it, your tree has become too large or too dense for the place where it stands. It blocks the sunlight, hinders the traffic, annoys the neighbor or just gets in the way of your daily life. If you do not maintain the tree regularly, it will go its own way and can damage properties or even injure you and your family.

Maintenance is the key, that is our motto. We work throughout Palm Bay, FL and surrounds offering quality and affordable tree trimming and pruning services.

Quality Tree Trimming in Palm Bay, FL

If a tree has become too dense or too large, pruning and trimming must be made. Pruning can be done in different ways. It depends on the type of tree and the state the tree is in which pruning method we use.

Guidance pruning

Guidance pruning ensures the correct growth from young tree to adulthood. By pruning from an early age, you prevent the formation of double buds and other ailments, such as poorly attached branches.

Form Pruning

Form pruning is used to visually balance the tree. For example, if a tree has suffered damage on one side or, on the contrary, shows more growth, it may be desirable to bring the tree back into shape using ‘pruning’.

Highlight Pruning

By tree trimming and pruning the branches, the remaining parts get more light and more leaves grow in the inner crown. The wind load is now also better absorbed by the tree.

Fracture or damage pruning

If a branch has broken out naturally through the wind, this gives the tree a weaker appearance and needs to be trimmed. We also remove branches that are hanging too low and pose a danger to traffic or the environment.

Monumental Pruning

Are you dealing with a tree with a monumental status? The trees that have reached this stage of life have now reached 150 years. The tree then is prohibited to be removed or cut down. Even heavy pruning is often not an option. When reaching the monumental status, other activities are therefore important to keep the tree nice and healthy. During this period, care mainly consists of taking in, removing and thinning the trees.

About our tree trimming service

Palm Bay Tree Service Pros have done various tree trimming services for years, so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing. Our work with trees is our pleasure and our life, so we value each tree trimming job and make sure we give the best service.

Our tree specialist knows exactly when you can prune and which branches need to be removed. All this to prevent the tree from getting sick or getting an ugly shape.

Our tools are razor-sharp, powerful and well-maintained. This makes our job much easier and safer. Our tree trimmers maintain our knowledge of tree pruning by talking annual trainings and talking to our colleagues and other tree experts in our network.

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Pruning a tree must be done with caution, because a wrongly sawn off branch can have major consequences. Wrongly pruning a tree can also permanently damage your tree. For example, it is not a good idea to just cut off the top if the tree is too large. The tree will then go up again. Shortening can then again cause the tree to break.

Minimize risk and have a professional prune your tree. Contact us today if you need a trusted local tree service to do the trimming and pruning. Our fast response team will be there when you need us.